Dear Friend,

Thank you for your email. BEfore we proceed, I am sure you will appreciate the fact that large transactions require caution and care on both sides. Hence, I will have to ask you a few questions regarding your company, and hopefully will receive a clear answer to that, as follows:

(1) What volumes of transactions do you encounter? Could your bank account take say over 7 to eight million Euros at a go, without scrutiny at your bank?

(2) If provided with a investment manager priviledges, can your bank allow you no tax whatsoever?

(3) Can you handle large funds, without disclosure to any party unless absolutely necessary?

(4) Please tell me about yourself and company, as well as if you have the absoulte manadte for decision making, or if this falls to a board.

(5) Please confirm your intention regarding this matter and how I can have complete trust in you?

Please answer these questions. Once I am satisfied, we shall proceed with this, silently.

I must at this point state the following:

(1) What you are about to do is legal on your part.
(2) You have complete indemnity regarding this.
(3) The money is shy of 10 million Euros.
(4) We shall negotiate your management fees once we commence talks after successful introduction.
(5) IF you are not very sure of this, you may discontinue now.

I shall await your email.

Thank you.

Please by sure, that the message in this letter is not real. It was written to find peoples who are stupid enough to loss money finally at the end of transaction. But they will never see "THE BIG MONEY!"