dear friend,

thank you for your email.look my friend.i am from congo democratic republic.the former name when my father is still the president of the country is is when my father died in morocco that the name was changed to d.r.c.i wat you to take note of that.i am on asylum in nigeria.i am not from nigeria.because of the confidential nature of this business.i am afraid that i cannot forward to you my id because i do not know what you want to use it for.but if you go to amsterdam, you will see my id there.please note that i am yery sincere with you in this business.i am currently staying in lagos adress is 14,Glover road,ikoyi lagos.and my telephone friend,i have nothing to hide,if you know that you cannot handle this for me, please let me know.I am not forcing you to do this for me.istill want us to remain friends even if you cannot assist me.


Please by sure, that the message in this letter is not real. It was written to find peoples who are stupid enough to loss money finally at the end of transaction. But they will never see "THE BIG MONEY!"