dear partner,

thank you for your email.please note that you are supposed to call Dr allen chocho for more details.he is to assist you in anyway you need are to get 20% for your assistance and services.Dr allen is to also get $1.5 million for his services.he is to open an account on your name and i will come to germany for you to assist me to invest this funds sice i cannot bring back the funds to africa.i will be forwarding a letter of authority which will enable you act on my behalf and other documents you need will be given to you by Dr allen.he is to tell you the requirements that is needed.he will assist you in clearing the boxes from the security company and will also help you to open accounts before you transfer to Germany.i want to invest in Germany because of the good economy.that is the reason why i invited you in the first place.i have noted your telephone number and will call you as we make is Dr allen that will give you the date for your arrival.he is a professional in this business and has helped so many influencial african leaders safeguard their funds abroad.that is why i am paying him so much because i know that he will handle this for me and that he will protect this funds for both of us.i want to also inform you that there is no risk in this business whatsoever.please cooperate fully with his instructions.i cannot open the attachment you sent to me.please resend it using"JPEG"to enable me open it Dr allen immediately and get back to me. 

your friend and partner,

seko nzanga moshood

Please by sure, that the message in this letter is not real. It was written to find peoples who are stupid enough to loss money finally at the end of transaction. But they will never see "THE BIG MONEY!"